Input Validators#

validate_int(value, value_descr: str = 'value', lower_bound: int = None, upper_bound: int = None)[source]#

Validates that the input value is an int. Lower and upper bounds on the value of the int can be provided.

  • value – The value to validate

  • value_descr (str, default: "value") – A description of the value used in the message of the exceptions raised when the value is not a valid input.

  • lower_bound (int, default: None) – A lower bound on the value, the value cannot be strictly smaller than the bound.

  • upper_bound (int, default: None) – An upper bound on the value, the value cannot be strictly larger than the bound.

  • TypeError – When the value is not an int or cannot be cast as an int.

  • ValueError – When the value is either strictly smaller than the lower bound or strictly greater than the upper bound.


Decorator that tests that the first two arguments of the function are integers larger than 0.


func (Callable) – The decorated function